Trust Diagnostic Alpha

I’m in Singapore today, working with a group who are going to complete the alpha version of the Trust diagnostic as part of a workshop: days like this are important, as it’s where i start to ground the evidence gathering, and research analysis, back into the real world. Will it provide any meaningful visualisation of ‘trust’ within the team? Well, i’ll be #WorkingOutLoud on the analysis over the next few weeks, and we shall see. That’s the thing about experiments: you have to set them up, then you have to run them.

Trust Diagnostic alpha

The initial alpha diagnostic is based around 20 questions, built out of the first phase evidence gathering (which is still ongoing: i’m using the initial 20% analysis for work). That’s how i’m planning to run the Landscape of Trust right through till at least the end of 2018: building an ever larger evidence base, wider baselines, based on geography, sector, etc, and constantly testing new visualisation and developmental approaches.

The Landscape of Trust

So far, the work has been fascinating in every sense, but it’s still an exercise in thought: moving to action makes this an important day.

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