Book Launch: Social Leadership – my 1st 100 days

This week i’m setting out on a seven week tour with the new book, which launches this week. ‘Social Leadership: my 1st 100 days’ is a companion to ‘The Social Leadership Handbook’, and consists of one hundred days of activity to develop Social Leadership capability for individuals and teams.

Social Leadership: my 1st 100 days

Each day consists of an illustration, exploring the topic at hand, some questions, conversations, or activities, and a provocation to take action.

Social Leadership: my 1st 100 days

Based around the core principles of the NET model of Social Leadership, the purpose of the new book is to guide the early footsteps.

Social Leadership: my 1st 100 days

Every tenth day is an ‘Action Day’, where you are specifically encouraged to put the book down and make a real difference out in your community and team.

Social Leadership: my 1st 100 days

I’m touring the East and West coast of America, into parts of Europe, Canada, and then over to Asia later this year, to share the ideas behind the work, and to support emerging Social Leadership communities.

Social Leadership: my 1st 100 days

The book is available on Amazon, around the world, or through the Sea Salt Learning website if you have any problems finding it!

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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