‘The Trust Sketchbook’: 5 Days To Go

There are five days left to run for the Kickstarter Campaign for ‘The Trust Sketchbook‘, and i’m pleased to say that it’s gone extremely well, in fact, already passing the target that i need to run the experiment: The Trust Sketchbook is going to become a reality!

The Trust Sketchbook

I’ve set this micro project up as a Zine, a term often used to describe community created, or rapidly produced ‘magazines‘, outside a formal publishing network. That’s an element of The Trust Sketchbook: it’s intended to be informal, co-created, community based, and somewhat fun! It’s a guided journey through ‘What Trust Means To Me’, but instead of taking the scientific approach of ‘The Landscape of Trust‘ research (the main, large scale, research project i’m curating this year), it takes a qualitative, co-created, art based approach. So i get to play with art and science, which is always fun!

The Trust Sketchbook

The Trust Sketchbook will explore twelve aspects of trust: i’m not totally decided on what they will be yet, but it will be guided by the main research, and will include exploring role of technology, gender effects, experiences of failure, foundations, and expressions of trust.

The Trust Sketchbook

This is the second Crowdfunded book, and it brings a whole new dynamic to writing: a new level of engagement to the community, a certain pace that can be lacking otherwise, and, if i’m honest, it’s just great fun. There is a real buzz to it, which shouldn’t be overlooked: writing can be a bit lonely!

If you want to take part in ‘The Trust Sketchbook‘, you can do so here, but i will be #WorkingOutLoud as i draw and deliver it, so you can take part that way, as part of the community too.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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