#WorkingOutLoud: bringing ‘The Trust Sketchbook’ to life

In parallel to the Landscape of Trust research, I’ve been working on a different methodology to explore the nature of trust between individuals, within communities, and in organisations themselves. Whilst the Landscape of Trust is a scientific study, producing quantitative results, The Trust Sketchbook will be entirely qualitative, reflective, subjective, and co-created. I am, if you like, trying to draw on both worlds, even if in a somewhat tongue in cheek manner.

The Trust Sketchbook

The idea for The Trust Sketchbook came about on idle Sunday sat in a coffee shop: I had been wrestling with the data from the preliminary Landscape of Trust research, reading the narrative accounts, and I started wondering about the value of a structured reflective space, and more than that, a space to explore trust not just through words but through drawing.

The Trust Sketchbook

I’m always guided by the principles of Scaffolded Social Learning, and this is no exception: The Trust Sketchbook is a scaffolded journey. A guided tour to think about ‘what trust means to me’.

The Trust Sketchbook

Colouring books have become very popular, so it seemed natural to extend the idea for an exploration into trust, and the first sketches I made were on the iPad. It was only later that I decided that for this subject, I would go entirely analogue, so my part of The Trust Sketchbook is being illustrated and handwritten in a Moleskine journal, my favourite journals to write and paint in.

The Trust Sketchbook

The format for The Trust Sketchbook will be a zine: I’ve played with a few different zines before, as I really like the format, a slightly guerrilla feel, a permission to play with layout and design, and somehow more deeply connected to the individual and community than a straight book.

The Trust Sketchbook

I’m crowdfunding The Trust Sketchbook over on Kickstarter, because I like the idea of it being born from this type of community: it is a very experimental venture, born in the spirit of #WorkingOutLoud, although in this case it will be a sort of co-created #WorkingOutLoud!

The Trust Sketchbook

The sketches I’ve shared here are just initial ideas: once the fundraising is complete, I’ll make a judgement as to what kind of production we can use, then finalise the content, and produce the final illustrations by hand. As I say, it’s an experiment, so I have to go into it with a willingness to fail, or at least the recognition that failure is possible. If you haven’t yet taken part in the Landscape of Trust research, the scientific approach, then please do: in this phase I’m trying to gather 1000 narrative accounts about trust. But if you done that, or you want to explore a more creative approach, take part in the Zine project! And don’t worry if you don’t want to back it: i will continue to #WorkOutLoud as i create it, here on the blog.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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