Captain’s Log: #Issue 16 – Writing Week

I’ve been writing a weekly, old school, email ‘Captain’s Log‘ newsletter: as this is a writing week, i thought i’d share it here:

In 2017, I’m dedicating one full week a month to long-form writing: clearing out my diary and working on books. This has been a writing week. I’m trying to use this week, plus a week in June, to complete the manuscript for a book that I will publish in the Autumn/Fall, called ‘The Change Handbook – Building the Socially Dynamic Organisation’. This will be a substantial text, my largest book to date, based upon research and work over the last three years.

The Change Handbook

The book is in two key parts. Firstly, looking at how organisations change, in predictable ways, and how we can help them to move from ‘Resistance’, through ‘Constraint’, to become fully ‘Dynamic’. The other half of the book is a broad exploration of ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation’, what is it, and how we build it. Arguably, it’s two books put into one: one on change and one on this new type of organisation, but, for now, at least, I’m keeping it as one!

I’m actually working on draft 12 right now: it’s 380 pages, around seventy thousand words, with seventy new illustrations. I anticipate (aim for!) a final draft around 65k words, with around a hundred illustrations. As a general principle, I favour shorter books, but the nature of the topic is taking me here. For example, I carry out a fairly broad exploration of 32 ‘resisters’ and ‘amplifiers’ of change. So there you go: I’ve been #WorkingOutLoud on it all week, so check out the writing on the blog if you want to see behind the scenes.

In the news


If like me, you love small spaces, you’ll enjoy this piece on the ‘top 5′ co-working spaces in Europe:

I share it less for the fun aspect of these spaces, more for the reflection that the office is dying. The rapid rise of ‘co-working’ spaces is just a foretaste of the change to come, as these spaces form the new Guild houses, the new backbones of our self-owned, self-controlled, and self-directed ‘careers’. We will chart our own path, within the arms of our community.

On that note, you may enjoy this piece on ‘spaces, places, and community‘.

The Fear

This piece could be replicated in a thousand spaces, speaking of the attempts of existing, formal authority, to understand the impacts of AI, robotics, and automation. For me, these are hollow conversations: the market will exploit new technology to the extreme. Existing models of labour will fail, and we need to explore new mechanisms of organisation, of collectivism, of hierarchy, and of society, to see what works in the new space. Pretty much the only thing we should not be doing is trying to deceive ourselves that we can see or control the angle of development through political oversight or control:

On this note, this is the basket of seven innovative and emergent technologies that I’m betting will impact in the next 3-5 years.

The Future of Technology: innovation and impacts

My writing

As I said, I’ve been #WorkingOutLoud this week, sharing extracts of my writing on the book. This shares some snapshots of the writing.

And here is one piece on ‘validation‘, one of the 16 Resisters of change. These are shared un-proofed, as part of #WorkingOutLoud.

The Trust Sketchbook

To keep you in the loop, I’m 82% funded on The Trust Sketchbook, with two weeks still to go. This will be a sketchbook that can be used individually, or within teams, to explore ‘trust’ through art and reflection. I’m actually designing a prototype workshop about this, more on that soon…

You can take part in the Kickstarter Community here

What I’m thinking about

The most exciting thing on my mind is that I’m expecting a call later today to say that the new book has landed: ‘Social Leadership – my 1st 100 days’.

This is the second book I’ve written on Social Leadership, an accompaniment to The Social Leadership Handbook, and it’s hugely exciting (for me, at any rate!)

Social Leadership - my 1st 100 days

It’s a spiral bound, 240-page book, with 100 days of activities to develop Social Leadership. If you would like to prototype it, get in touch. The official launch will be the week of the 17th June.

Thanks for your interest and support as we explore the Social Age.


About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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1 Response to Captain’s Log: #Issue 16 – Writing Week

  1. Allen L Hunt says:

    An organization is a system. Systems theory tell us that any change in a system will stimulate responses in all members of the system (organization), ostensibly to restore homeostasis. Each member of the system brings her/his own history of beliefs, values, experiences, desires, fears, and so on. Consequently, members of the system will respond to change in unanticipated ways that are both conscious and unconscious. Each member’s response(s) will stimulate additional responses. Very quickly, change becomes uncontrollable. Change takes on a “life of its own.”

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