A Sketchbook Of Trust

I’ve been sketching up some pages for a book on Trust: not a book that i write, but rather a provocation, an incomplete book for people to fill in themselves, taking them through a reflective journey through the subject. This is very early stage, incomplete, #WorkingOutLoud.

A Sketchbook on Trust

In case you are interested, i am also using a different drawing method here: my first time using the Apple Pencil on the iPad direct (normally i use the Paper pencil, or the Wacom stylus).

A Sketchbook on Trust

The Apple pencil has a hard tip, which affects my writing, making it more like it is in real life! Spidery… but i think i can live with it.

A Sketchbook on Trust

Also, these are my only black and white sketches, so a deviation from my usual colour palette. Still, it’s an experiment… I may go on to crowdfund this, once the next book is out, if there is sufficient interest.

A Sketchbook on Trust

Remember, if you want to take part in the Landscape of Trust research, you can do so here.


About julianstodd

A learning and development professional specialising in e-learning and learning technology.
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