The Landscape of Trust Research Project: Take Part Now!

I’m pleased to let you know that the Landscape of Trust research project is now live! This is designed to be the largest research project in the world this year exploring the nature of trust: how it exists between people, how it flows through communities, how it is experienced in organisations, and how it is affected by technology. You can read all about it on my new Sea Salt Research site here, where you can learn about the three phases of research, and take part in phase 1 which is live now.

The Landscape of Trust

In phase 1 we are gathering 1,000 narrative accounts of trust, people describing what trust means to them, and the ways in which it is built and broken. As well as gathering 1,000 open narrative accounts, I’m also trying to find 20 organisations who would be willing to run the research internally. If your organisation would be interested in this, please do get in touch. All of the data will be anonymised, and I will be #WorkingOutLoud throughout the research process, as well as making the anonymised data available openly once it is gathered.

Sea Salt Research Hub

Take Part in the Phase 1 Research HERE

Read the Research Methodology HERE

Sign up to the Trust updates HERE


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