#Writing Weeks: Setting the Rules

You may have heard me say that i’m trying to take one full week a month for pure writing: it’s a luxury, yes, but i really find value in that type of uninterrupted time, especially when it comes time to tease the work out of this, my first reflective space, into full books and academic articles. This week i’m totally focussed on completing the practical activity book on Social Leadership, so i will just be #WorkingOutLoud and sharing parts of that as i go. Stay tuned to see if i complete it by friday!

Social Leadership 100 - The Rules

Today, an illustration, and some text, around ‘Day 12 – Setting the Rules‘, which explores how we actively ‘set out own rules’ for our Social Leadership.

Day 12: Setting the rules

Once you have chosen your space, you need to set the rules: how will you act?

This can be very simple: I have three.

1. To always be positive
2. To offer constructive advice when i disagree
3. To respond to everyone who engages, whatever their energy

Those who know me will know that these are sometimes aspirational, not always my truth, but I strive for them.

When I am observing others, I try to be positive, because my energy affects others.

When I disagree, I could choose to argue, but I choose to debate, and offer support.

When people bother to engage with my thinking and actions, I try to respond, even if just to say ‘thank you’. When I disagree with what they say or offer, I still try to say thank you, whilst being unafraid to disagree.

What would your rules be?


Sometimes we break the rules, but they act as our scaffolding, our guiding principles. Reflecting upon them, questioning them, making them conscious, is a useful reflective exercise.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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