Social Leadership at 99%

Apologies to those of you who have weathered this series of posts: today i hit 99% of the writing for the new Social Leadership book. Whilst it may feel as though i am eking out this final stage, the reality is that i had to abandon the final writing to attend to last minute Christmas shopping. There’s nothing like (this is nothing like) forward planning. In any event, today i completed days 90 through to 99, covering the subject of Collaboration.

Collaboration in Social Leadership

In case this is new to you, i’m using this last week before the holidays to finish writing a very practical, illustrated, one hundred day guide to developing your Social Leadership capability. This will build upon the structure of the Social Leadership Handbook, but be grounded in daily activities that take five or ten minutes. In other words, it’s all practice, built on theory.

Social Leadership 100 days

My intention is to crowd fund production in January: i’m hoping to ofset the usual cashflow challenge that book production provides, as i have three books lined up for 2017 in total… but more on that in January. With a fair tailwind, and if i can get the illustrations done, which is no mean task, the book will be out in March 2017.

As is my preference when writing, i am #WorkingOutLoud and sharing extracts as i go. These are neither proofed, not refined, so view them as early stage work, but indicative of the direction of travel. Today, a piece about collaboration, and how Social Leaders actively reach out to help others to succeed.

Day 98: Identifying challenges

Can you spot a place where people are not collaborating effectively?

What is the problem? [ANSWER]
What would solve it? [ANSWER]
How can you enable this change? [ANSWER]

Naturally, not all problems are easily solved: some require budget, some require time, some require technology. But some reside in our minds alone.

With high Social Capital, with a reputation intact, with great storytelling skills, and with your Social Leadership mindset in place, these are the very challenges that you should be thinking about.

There is unlikely to be one single action you can take that will deliver wild success in your organisation.

Your challenge is to remove the friction from within the system: to take the individual grains of sand out of the gears. To be vigilant, not only within spaces you know, but to boldly venture into spaces that are unfamiliar.

Because to be a great Social Leader, you will be a bold explorer.

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Author and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the Social Age. I’ve written ten books, and over 2,000 articles, and still learning...
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  1. Congrats! If you’re looking for an editor, let me know. 🙂

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