Social Leadership: Taking Stock

Today i’ve been completing the section of the new Social Leadership book with ten activities around ‘Social Capital‘. This is the ability to survive and thrive in the Social Age: an ability to navigate the landscape, and to help others to do so.

Humility in Leadership

Social Leaders fight for what is right, even when that comes at a cost: they promote equality and fairness, both in their communities and their organisations. They act with a humility: a humility to hear other voices and recognise when their voice alone is not enough. They are willing to change because they are not rooted in dogma, but rather in agility.

Social Leadership 100 days

Just ten more activities to write to complete the first draft: with a tail wind, i will get there tomorrow, as i #WorkOutLoud to complete this stage. Current thought is to start crowd funding in mid January, after I have a chance to mock up ten pages or so to share with final illustrations.

Day 89: Taking stock

It’s called ‘Social Capital’ because it’s a kind of currency, of sorts. Something that can be earned or spent. How are you doing? What’s the balance?

We’ve spent two weeks exploring this: do you feel you have changed, or simply observed the community around you?

I have changed? YES/NO
I am thinking about changing? YES/NO

Thinking is easy: if you haven’t reached out, if you haven’t tried these exercises, if you haven’t refined and rehearsed your language around Social Leadership and Social Capital, you may simply be observing the challenge.

True change starts with mindset, but graduates rapidly to action: we are nearly ninety days into our journey: can you feel progress?

What is the key thing you have learned so far: [ANSWER]
What is your greatest frustration so far: [ANSWER]
What are you proudest of about this journey so far: [ANSWER]

Finally: reach out and thank someone who has supported you, by listening or helping you on this journey

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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