Social Leadership: 80% A #WorkingOutLoud Post

As promised, i am on track to complete the first draft of the new Social Leadership book this week: it’s called ‘Social Leadership – my first 100 days‘, and is (believe it or not) 100 practical questions and activities in service of developing Social Leadership. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Today i hit the 80th day, and as such am just sharing an extract. This piece, exploring part of ‘Co-Creation’, and addressing ‘The Voiceless’.

Social Leadership 100 days

Each day has a few lines to explain context, then a question or activity.

“Day 79: the voiceless

List five ways that people can be left without a voice, left outside the ability to co-create.


And list one way you can address this, one way you can help them find a voice:


Your role as a Social Leader is to be effective, to co-create solutions to challenging problems, to be agile, to respond at speed. But also to help others to succeed: to be the voice for those who have none, to stand up for what is right, what is fair.

To be kind. To drive change. The ‘co’ in ‘co-creation’ means ‘we’, not ‘me’.”

If i can write five ‘days‘ each day till Christmas, then i’m home and dry, before getting into editing…


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