Trust and Change: Exploring the Social Age

This week i’ve prototyped two new bodies of work: on Wednesday I shared the Landscape of Trust work for the first time, and today I ran through the whole Dynamic Change Framework with a group from the NHS. These two research areas significantly expand the landscape of the Social Age: trust is a theme that runs throughout Social Leadership, Social Learning, and culture, and the change work I anticipate being a core theme that I will continue to explore as change is constant in the Social Age.

Aspects of the Socially Dynamic Organisation - Diversified Strength

A Socially Dynamic Organisation is agile not through system, process and codified strength, but rather through its ability to engage with it’s communities. It’s strong through a diversified strength, through it’s willingness to be curious and permeable to new ideas and expertise. In that spirit, this week has been challenging: sharing new work, new thoughts, much of which are still stuck at the ‘complex’ space, but we can only get to ‘simple’ through complexity: we have to iterate, prototype and find the core narrative. And where better to do that than in our communities?


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