The Final Few: Social Leadership Illustrations #3

The last set i promise: i’m #WorkingOutLoud as i complete the illustrations for the new edition of the Social Leadership Handbook. The text is finished, and thirty illustrations done, so here i’m sharing the final few. It’s an ecclectic collection: firstly an overview of what Social Leadership is all about for Chapter one, and then a few images covering aspects of application and practice, such as ‘co-creation‘, and ‘relationships‘. I hope you enjoy them, slightly out of context as they are. First, an overview of the Social Leadership story:

The Social Leadership Story

This next illustration is about co-creation, and actually it’s common to many of the aspects i explore through the landscape of the Social Age. Originally i drew this as part of the (as yet unpublished) book on ‘Music and Learning‘, exploring how people are creative together. But then it led into the Social Learning story, with the co-creation of meaning within our communities, and then into Social Leadership. You’ll also find it prominent within the Dynamic Change framework. Here it is: seven aspects of co-creation.

Co-Creation in Social Leadership

This next illustration is about Authority in Social Leadership, part of the section looking at where we find our power, based upon our reputation.

Authority in Social Leadership

Finally, a piece on Collaboration, which is the final one of the nine components of the Social Leadership model.

Collaboration in Social Leadership

So there you are, the text is complete, the illustrations all done, just a few rough edges to round off and then off to the layout team on Monday. If things go to plan, i should have the proof copy in about four weeks. You can register interest or to request a review copy Review copies of the Social Leadership Handbook.

The NET Model of Social Leadership

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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