A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Today i’m sharing a range of new illustrations for the 2nd Edition of the Social Leadership Handbook: i’m updating a lot of the images, adding some new aspects in, tidying others up. I find it surprising how much my own drawing style has changed in the two years since i drew the originals. I learnt a lot doing the illustrations for the (next) book on Dynamic Change, and tried to bring some of that learning in here. This illustration is about the Social Age of Learning, it sits in the first section of the book (as will most of these) covering ‘The Foundations of the Social Age’.

The Social Age of Learning

In this illustration, i’m explaining how ‘sense making‘ takes place outside of formal spaces. It happens at the convergence of formal and social spaces.

Sense Making in the Social Age

The following simple illustration just shows how Social Leadership relates to formal and social spaces. It occurs early in the book, in the Foundations chapter.

The Social Leader

In the chapter where i explore ‘The Social Business‘, this illustration shows key components of that concept. It ties into later work, in the chapter on Social Capital, where we explore equality, fairness and social justice.

The Social Business

Here we explore Brand in the Social Age: how it’s largely owned by the community.

Brand in the Social Age

This one may continue to evolve: it’s my new drafting of the main NET Model of Social Leadership. I wanted to update it, to bring the text to a horizontal alignment, and make it larger. But i’m still tinkering with it.

The NET Model of Social Leadership

Finally, this illustration outlines some aspects of Social Collaborative Technology, a core feature of the Social Age.

Social Collaborative Technology

I hope you enjoy these: i’m focussed on finishing the illustrations this week, whilst the text is being proofed for the manuscript.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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