This is not right but…

…it might get there with help from the community. I finished editing the 2nd Edition of the Social Leadership Handbook today (hooray: editing not my strong point…), and started work on some new illustrations. This was an attempt at a new version of the NET Model. The content is the same, i just wanted to update colours and style. But it’s not quite worked.

V2 of the Social Leadership Model

Fortunately, by sharing it on Twitter, i get feedback. So i can redo it. So it gets better #WorkingOutLoud.

Which is why we are stronger within and alongside our communities.


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A learning and development professional specialising in e-learning and learning technology.
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One Response to This is not right but…

  1. Amanda Brooks says:

    Someone shared this with me last week – I haven’t looked at it in detail but it looked generally very useful..

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