That Was 2015

In 2015 i wrote almost 130,000 words on the blog, plus the manuscripts for the new book on ‘Organisational Change in the Social Age’, half the manuscript for ‘Guidebook to the Social Age’, and some preliminary research for a book on ‘Equality and Fairness in the Social Age’, and ‘The Humble Leader’, at least two of which i aim to publish next year! I presented at around fifteen conferences, a dozen workshops, numerous open sessions and webinars and, somewhere in the mix, launched Sea Salt learning globally. So it’s been a busy year.

2015 Thank You

Throughout the year, i’ve been #WorkingOutLoud, as i revisit old ideas and strike out with new ones. I’ve learnt a lot as i go, which is one of the reasons why i’d call it a good year.

The Dynamic Change work was not planned: it erupted out of several ideas around four months ago and i just wrote the forty of so core articles in a row. I’m stitching them together now, but as is so often the case in the Social Age, it was the feedback from the community that took me in that direction.

Similarly, the expansion of work around Humility in Social Leadership and the work on Equality as part of this are largely driven by the conversations within community.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in Dubai, New York, Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Orlando, Las Vegas and, occasionally, home. I think i’ve been on the road 22 weeks.

Throughout it all, i feel an overwhelming sense of luck: the way people engage with ideas and are generous with their time and energy. Being welcomed into so many groups, so many organisations, so many hidden communities and emergent societies. From the vegan punks of Boston to the Joint Chiefs in the US, the Internet Privacy campaigners and NHS Change Agents, the Artists and Writers, the robot hackers and gorilla podcasters. So many varied groups, so many generous people, and yet through it all, one thing in common.

There is no hierarchy, no formal thread, no hierarchical imperative to connect: we are joined simply by generosity, by curiosity, by interests and by a shared intent to be most excellent at what we do.

So, to everyone in each and every one of those communities: thank you. This is just the start.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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5 Responses to That Was 2015

  1. Alan says:

    Enjoyed your material on a daily basis.
    Thank you,

  2. McPhee, Don says:

    Thanks for sharing your useful ideas, insights and your journey over the past year. Looking forward to your blogs and books in the coming year.


    Sent from Samsung tablet

  3. Toby Klayman says:

    Stop in for tea when you are in SF! Happy New Year! I too had a great year!
    I can’t count my awesome production nor the love from my Husband, friends and neighbors !
    Best from Toby Klayman

  4. aexei says:

    Happy new year 🙂

  5. nick135 says:

    Happy New Year to you Julian 🙂
    Enjoyed reading your views and the journey of 2015

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