Eating the Elephant

The good thing“, he said, “is that your room is really nice“. The bad thing? ‘It’s on the ninth floor and the lift is broken“. And so i find myself climbing, bag in hand, up the stairs. One after the other, focussed on the small, not daunted by the large. One bite at a time.

Nine Flights of Thinking

Which i hear is how you eat an elephant. Is that right? I think you eat the elephant one bite at a time. Which is easier than all at once. Although possibly not for the elephant. But i digress: it may be lack of oxygen.

The thing being that no matter how big the task in hand, you tackle it one step at a time. Not one elephant.

The desire to make learning ‘small’ and ‘bite sized’ is fine, as long as we remember that there are a lot of bites in an elephant. So small is fine, but small as part of one massive meal. We shouldn’t lose sight of the meal. There’s nothing wrong with the ambition of eating an elephant: ambition is good.

So make learning bite sized, for sure, but remember to keep the ambition and scale in it, be unafraid of the stairs, because the view from the top is superb. Even the elephants look small as you look down on them.


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A learning and development professional specialising in e-learning and learning technology.
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