Words About Learning: Fog

FogDelayed four hours flying back from Amsterdam today due to fog: thick, persistent and crippling half of Europe. The newer planes can fly in it: using instruments to guide them in, but the problems hit on the ground. They can’t see where to park. So when the fog comes in, everything slows down.

Which is ironic really, because much of what we do in life is peering forwards into the fog. Very little is assured, very little guaranteed. And yet we continue to run at it full pelt, despite the lack of ground sensing radar. Perhaps it’s our human gift: to delude ourselves that the runway is clear ahead, when really we have little more than hope and optimism to guide us. Which is maybe no bad thing: perhaps that why we are always willing to push a little further, explore a little more, see what’s over the next mound. Which is what makes the journey such fun.

#WordsAboutLearning is an occasional series of short posts reflecting on aspects of the Social Age


About julianstodd

A learning and development professional specialising in e-learning and learning technology.
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