Social Learning: Global Reach

As i sit at the airport, contemplating a long night ahead, i’m struck by the connections that reach out from here. On friday i’m running a Masterclass in Singapore, but already i’m connected to participants: sharing stories, building bonds, tweaking the design. To spend time together will be great, but our community, fledgling as it is, already helps me to learn.

Social Learning - Global Reach

Our Social Learning Communities reach around the globe, connecting us in ‘sense making‘ spaces. Effortlessly.

Social Technology, effortlessly connected, effortlessly connecting, is powering the Social Age. Agility gained through the ability to curate, share and ‘sense make‘ within our communities. On our terms.

Organisations can be part of the conversation, but they don’t own it: it’s co-created with the community and stronger for it.

Which is why the first instinct of organisations, to procure technology, may be exactly not what’s needed. Instead, they should focus on a strategy to create spaces, define permissions to learn, co-create and co-own the story. In the Social Age, it’s all about the sense making, all about the stories.

Sense making and storytelling

We make sense of the world through our communities: reflecting on some of the generosity i’ve experienced this week as i share stories from the first 750 blog posts

Technology facilitates this, but neither guarantees nor prevents it. Social communities are agile in terms of where they have the conversations: with my own community around this event the conversation has moved from email to LinkedIn to Twitter. One conversations across multiple spaces, none of them fully formal.

The challenge for the organisation is to create structured, scaffolded, learning experiences that allow for the conversations to move like this. Whilst we are interested in the story that the community ultimately writes, the ways they get there are less important: if it involves moving the thinking between multiple spaces, so be it.

In the Social Age, agility is everything.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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