A Creative Journey

In front of me is an expansive view across the fields: i can see three churches and a lighthouse from here, across acres of waving corn. In front of me, just the wide open views, behind me, the sand dunes and the beach, facing onto the often fearsome North Sea. It’s a magical place, a place i grew up in, a place for contemplation and reflection and, this week, a place for creativity.

Creativity, Co-Creation and Storytelling

After the frenetic pace of New York, with it’s skyscrapers, museums, arts and sports scene, followed by a week back at work (what is work anymore?), i’ve dedicated this week to expanding some ideas on creativity, co-creation and agility to make us more effective storytellers. It’s a new strand of work, but sits alongside other core ideas i’ve been writing about recently. Social Learning and Leadership are both premised around co-creation and storytelling.

My original thinking in this area came out of the process of writing the ‘Music and Learning‘ book, and i’m intending to keep the connection with music as i write.

In two weeks time, i’m running a prototype workshop to try out some ideas: so far i’ve developed seven activities around music to illustrate and develop these themes, exploring the creative and co-creative processes, exploring agility, thinking about how we share meaning and how we use stories. I want to make the workshop highly experiential (rather than just me talking about interesting ideas, which is where i usually end up…).

In the Social Age, organisation recognise that they need to foster creativity and innovation, but often struggle to give it a home. There’s something about environment, something about permissions, something about communication that gets in the way: and hierarchies of power. Formal hierarchies challenge creativity because they impose formality in a free thinking space.

Tomorrow i’ll start by mapping out the seven core models into the length of the day and then finding my narrative around them.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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12 Responses to A Creative Journey

  1. lauraeflores says:

    I hadn’t considered the role of agility in storytelling, but now that I’ve been chewing on that word… I can’t believe I haven’t given much thought to it before in a conscious way because it’s so essential. This is so cool though, you just handed me a new tool I can use to mold myself as a writer.

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