Healthcare radicals: momentum for change

I’ve been talking today with a community who are becoming change agents: disruptive healthcare radicals who are trying to upset the status quo and drive reform through action. They are uniting around common values, around models for change, around the idea that, together, they can change the organisation from within.

Generating change

Change is co-created and co-owned. We need shared purpose and values to be effective.

Various words recur: storytelling (within the group to build shared purpose and values, outside the group to communicate intent), leadership (understanding where it will come from), momentum (how we start the ball rolling and how we gather momentum. It’s a community in the truest sense: united round shared purpose, carrying out ‘sense making‘ activities, to determine the best approach based on research, wisdom and practice.

They are using pledges to link individual intent to wider change, and using social communities to forge widespread loose social ties to other agents of change (both in the UK and around the world). It’s a great feeling to sit on the edge and feel a movement being born, generating momentum.

I like how they are using the very best of the established values within healthcare (caring, empathy, personal) and combining it with a very social approach to change (building communities, sense making, amplification). The energy is palpable and electric.

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Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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18 Responses to Healthcare radicals: momentum for change

  1. joegergen says:

    I love to hear that there are radical change agents in healthcare. You don’t hear enough about the good in health care. Pursuit of change is a choice. It can be a tough choice.

    I like the idea of the social approach.

    I was just writing about pursuing change from within. Seems aligned.


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  4. “The energy is palpable and electric”. It certainly is!

    Great blog, Julian! Take a look at our campaign pledge – it is certainly ambitious – connecting people living with dementia globally and enabling them to speak out for positive change 🙂 Please join us.

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