Making time: why we need to dedicate time to learning

Monday morning and my diary is clear. All week. Since January i’ve had my eye on this week to write and, miraculously, i’ve managed to keep it clear, so this week is dedicated to finishing my next book on ‘music in learning’. Or at least it would be if could think what to say next.

I’ve written most of what there is so far on trains, in between meetings and in a couple of saturday mornings over coffee. The luxury of time is both rewarding and challenging. You may remember that this time last year i managed to take a week out to work on a piece around learning methodology and blitzed it. I managed 25,000 words in the week and it felt good, but the pressure to repeat that performance is daunting! So maybe i’ll start slowly with an article and build up from there.

Making time is important: it’s all well and good to fit things in, but you don’t get that dedicated time for reflection, to really get the bit between your teeth. Time is a luxury but, from another perspective, it’s ours to waste as we like. I managed to spend a week of it skiing, so why not a week writing?

Whenever i dedicate time to writing, a nice side effect is that i learn new things. I’m taking a stack of books down to Cornwall with me and part of the joy of this week is that i will have time to dedicate to reading them! Sure, i fit it in when i’m here at home or travelling for work, but it’s rare that i dedicate a weekend morning or a whole evening to reading, at least not unless it’s Christmas.

So this week is about my own learning and about sharing the ideas that i develop. I’ll be using the blog to share where i get to, but the first step, for now, is to relax in the luxury of time and get started…

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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2 Responses to Making time: why we need to dedicate time to learning

  1. You should check out Peter Cook – the business writer, rock guitar strumming maestro who mixes making music, insights on the music business and business practice – rather than the comedian. He’s a former Open University Business School tutor, MBA and Wellcome Foundation Chemist. Quite a mix. In person he tends to sing rather than talk! Good luck with the writing. My new approach is to do it standing up.

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