Unopened mail: getting your learning communications right

As i sit here, the pile of unopened mail in front of me on my desk must be eight inches high. We have a shelf by the front door where the mail gathers and i emptied it the other day, resulting in this heap of letters. There are all sorts there, ones from gas and electricity companies, ones from the council, from phone companies, from pizza delivery people and gardeners touting for business. And i’ve read none of them.

Funny thing is, life goes on. The lights still work, the water still flows and my lawn still needs mowing. Everything important is on direct debit, everything else is just something they want to sell me or persuade me to do.

We are clearly unaligned on our comms. I just want a service, they want a relationship.

When we’re sending out the comms around a learning programme, we need to consider what’s important to people and what’s just going to sit in the pile of unopened mail. What are we asking them to do, when do we need them to do it and what do they need to do first. Everything else is just decoration.

We need to ensure our comms are clean and time efficient. Anything else is just so much wasted paper.

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