Words about Learning: juggling

I can juggle. With two balls. it’s when i use three that the problems start. I’m a little way off from flaming torches and chainsaws. Keeping all the balls in the air can be a challenge and, the more i throw them up, the more i am likely to drop them. This is, as you may have guessed, a poor metaphor for being busy.

Learning to juggle balls isn’t too much of a stretch, but balancing all the other things we have to juggle can be harder. I guess, as with any skill, we need to find the right strategy and then practice it. I think that this is where most people lose focus: they know they want to be more organised, but they never actually practice the skills. It’s like my juggling: i’ve spent ten years saying i’d love to do better, but i never actually practice, so i never will be. What skill can you practice today?


About julianstodd

A learning and development professional specialising in e-learning and learning technology.
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