Words about learning: brand

It’s not just soap and cars that have brands. We each have our own personal brand: the way we are represented to others that demonstrates our values, ideas, energy and abilities. Brands are not static. They evolve over time to reflect new technology, new aesthetics and new expectations.

How fluid is your personal brand? Have you updated it recently? Are you learning, or are you repeating what you’ve always done before. Are you comfortable or are you too comfortable? Would disturbance from routine be a blessing or a curse? Brands can reinvent themselves, as can people. Are you happy with your brand or is it time to learn something new and go for a brand refresh? Is it time for the ‘new and improved’ you?

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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