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Freedom of speech. Who controls what you say in online learning environments?

I was somewhat taken by surprise this morning by an article on the radio about the discussion of regulation around blogs. There is an active debate in the media about regulation at the moment, with both the printed press and … Continue reading

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The role of the Guide in e-learning. Facilitating change.

We often use a Guide character within our videos. The Guide is there to interact with the protagonists and with us as viewers: they can speak directly to the characters and directly to us, breaking out of the dramatic scene. … Continue reading

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Utilising social spaces in learning. How social learning can create spaces for discussion.

Social is the big thing in learning: the aim, to capture the energy and interaction, the engagement and involvement that social brings. It’s a tricky game to play well. Social spaces are essentially unstructured, interaction based upon the magnetism of … Continue reading

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Words about learning: standardisation.

There’s often a great pressure to standardise learning. To use templates, to use the same framework and logo, to tie in with standard messages and to use approved tones of voice. But learning is about difference: the difference between what … Continue reading

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9/11: How is history made and how is history told? Stories from Ground Zero.

New York is making history. Not by something it’s doing today, but by how it’s dealing with something that happened a decade ago. Visiting Ground Zero last week was a strangely emotional and compelling experience, not so much from any … Continue reading

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Sharing and learning. How our differences are what can draw us together.

I’ve had the great privilege in this trip to the US to meet with a number of different teams that work in the same area as me: learning and development. We are divided by differences in language and terminology, but … Continue reading

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How do we learn from art? Observations on interpretation at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

I know it’s art, because it’s in a gallery at one of the premiere cultural institutions in the world, but to me it just looks like a pile of bricks. Continuing the American theme as i work my way around … Continue reading

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What to do in New York? Familiarity and learning in new environments.

On Friday afternoon i arrived in New York, for the first time, by train. It’s a disorienting experience when you first arrive in a place, especially a place in a different country, be it a city or a new landscape. … Continue reading

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Seeing eye to eye. Do we really need to meet face to face to communicate effectively?

I’m 18 hours into what should have been an easy trip to the US to meet some people face to face. The purpose of our meeting? To share some ideas, to discuss what’s happening in the world of learning, specifically … Continue reading

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Why do we join online communities? Understanding the motivations and rewards for engagement.

There are a huge range of websites that offer like minded individuals the opportunity to come together and share joint passions. Gardening, archaeology, science, journalism: the list could go on for a long time. The internet is an enabling technology, … Continue reading

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