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Out with the old, in with the new. Issues and ownership of change in large organisations.

The only constant is change, or so it feels. it’s safe to say that organisations are rarely in a state of stability, but rather, exist in constant flux. The only certainty is uncertainty. Change is understood to be something that … Continue reading

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Disability and communication: adapting our model of communication to changing circumstances.

Recently i met someone brave. A teenager who had been profoundly affected by cancer, losing first her sight, then her hearing, all over the space of around three years. Within that time, instead of despair, she seemed to have found … Continue reading

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How big is a ‘community’? Questions of size and scale in online communities of practice and collaborative learning environments.

When we set out to create an online community, we often seek to attract people to join in, to generate engagement. One of the features of online communities is that you need a certain critical mass to make it all … Continue reading

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How to fit a square peg into a round hole. Exploring how the different sizes of iPad, iPhone and Playbook can affect the design and quality of mobile learning solutions.

Next week my Playbook will arrive. Billed by Blackberry as their Flash playing alternative to the iPad, it’s probably make or break for them in the Tablet market. On the surface, things look promising; at half the size of an … Continue reading

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Time to change? Trying something new and appreciating something old.

So it’s my birthday today and i woke up with the usual sense that it was time to do something new. A realisation that the routine was becoming routine and maybe it needed to be shaken up a little. So … Continue reading

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How to solve a problem. Investigating how we can apply native problem solving methodologies to learning scenarios.

We are all expert problem solvers. Be it mending a puncture or working out the best way to build a raft to support a team of executives on a retro leadership training day across a polluted river, we are experienced … Continue reading

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The race to innovate. Technology as a catalyst for creative App development.

Shiny hardware is just half the picture. You need something to run on it, and, with the iPad, there is no shortage of Apps to do the job. There are in excess of 425,000 Apps in the Apple store at … Continue reading

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