The day the iPhone died. How downgrading is more painful that anticipated.

Well, at least it’s not hardware failure, just the SIM that’s fried, but for whatever reasons, my iPhone 4 is dead.

Not to worry, because my failure to trade in or sell the old one has finally paid off – apathy does have it’s rewards – i can use the iPhone 3 for a few days with a Pay as you Go SIM. Jolly good.

Except that the iPhone 3 is dreadful.

How did this happen? I remember when i first laid hands on it; the beauty of the shape, the clarity of the screen, the speed of response, the simplicity of the interface. Now, the screen looks awful, the text is blocky and fuzzy and it takes an age to do anything. it literally freezes. And yesterday, stood in the supermarket queue, i was embarrassed by the rounded corners and softer outline; hard proof that i was V3, not V4. Just how have my expectations shifted so far in such a short space of time?

Am i the willing victim of an advertising strategy? Well, not really. The newer phone really is better in just about every way. It’s the same with the iPad 2. It’s so much faster that, literally overnight, i’ve found the old one slow. Whilst drifting off to sleep, i convinced myself last night that maybe the successive version upgrades in the iOS have deliberately slowed and degraded the V3/pad1 experience. Maybe technology isn’t advancing at the pace that i imagine, maybe they are just crafty about downgrading previous technology?

I know in my heart that it’s not true, but i wish it were so. How did i become such a slave to the upgrade. I should have learnt my lesson from the Playstation. When i upgraded to PS2, i moved the old one to my parents, convinced that on Christmas holidays, it would provide the hours of fun that it had previously delivered. But it didn’t. Instead of feeling of retro joy, i just found myself appalled by the graphics, the grinding and whirring noises, and the slow loading speeds.

I’ve been conditioned into a world of newer, fast, better toys. And i’ve been a willing participant. Maybe it’s time to go back to books for a few weeks. At least the only innovation there has been to go to recycled paper. Although i suspect i’ll be looking to see if the print is fuzzier as a result of this upgrade…

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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