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Who owns you? Identity and Ownership in social networks

Informal Spaces are places that we choose to inhabit, to join other like minded people in a shared and communally owned place. Be it for contacting friends, finding knitting patterns or playing Warhammer, our motivation to be there may be … Continue reading

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When is a Lavatory a Toilet? Getting bogged down in jargon…

Sometimes i have to reset my brain to the particular flavour of acronym in use by a specific client. One man’s PBA is another man’s FW. What, for someone, is CBT is, for someone else, e-learning. To one person, Mobile Learning is flavour of … Continue reading

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When Worlds Collide – Trust and Honour in the convergence of formal and informal social networks

This week, i’ve been working with a global organisation on the development of an online Mentoring space. Mentoring is an interesting topic, falling somewhere between a formal business activity and a highly informal personal development one. By it’s nature, it … Continue reading

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Can you hear me? The importance of interactivity and feedback in learning

Writing is a one way activity. You write, you hope that people read it. Occasionally people write something back, which is reassuring, as it means that someone is awake. Very occasionally, something explodes. Last week, i wrote about the optimum … Continue reading

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Have we got time?

A film is usually around two hours long. TV comedies, around 25 minutes, with a break. A book might take you twelve hours to read, and a song is around three and  a half minutes long. But how long should … Continue reading

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Is your best work done at home? The rise of the Agnostic worker.

Eight hours a day for Work, sixteen hours to Play. And sleeping. But when and where do we spend those hours? It used to be simple: get up, brush teeth, commute, work, lunch, work, home, Eastenders. Maybe a few additional … Continue reading

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Darwinian Learning – An evolutionary approach to design and development

Survival of the fittest. From fruit flies to badgers, the fittest survive. Evolution is a slow process, taking many generations to fully adapt to a niche. Traits emerge which make an individual ‘fit’ better into their environment, allows them to … Continue reading

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