E-Learning Case Study Episode 1 – Defining scope – a difficult birth

I thought it would be useful to write an occasional series of articles through the lifecycle of a typical e-learning project, looking at what goes right, what goes wrong, and the learning to take away from it.

The project that i’ve chosen is a Sales Training piece for a large Financial Services organisation. The project is likely to take around three months and, at this stage, i expect it to consist of two or three hours of learning. I’ll write periodic updates as the project develops.

Last week we ran our first ‘Scope’ meeting. This is essentially a chance for me to gather a picture of what needs to be covered so that i can write a firm proposal. At this stage, i’m looking at a wide list of requirements, which don’t necessarily tie into a coherent learning story, so my initial job is to generate a structure map. This will be a visual representation of the learning that i can use to manage expectations, set a budget and control scope.

We’ve looked at some core issues in e-learning development: is this going to be a ‘narrative’ piece, illustrating the sales process right the way through, or will it be more of a matrix piece, where there are lots of learning bursts (5 minute pieces) that a user can pick or choose from, but through which there is no single correct path.
The benefit of the first is that it ties into our innate storytelling communication styles, but means that it’s hard to pick up half way. The benefit of the second is that it’s more flexible, but lacks coherence!

My next task is to present both of these options visually to the client, so to enable them to make an informed choice, which is the task for next week.

I’d expect us to take a couple of weeks to kick these ideas around, after which, we should be able to start scripting, storyboarding models and designing the assessment methodology, each element of which we can look at in detail when the time comes. First though, we need to nail down the overall learning objective!

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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