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Collaboration in Social Leadership: extract from the new book

As i finish the first draft this week of my new ‘Handbook for Social Leadership‘, i’m sharing extracts of the text as i write. This is part of #WorkingOutLoud and, selfishly, helps me maintain momentum and energy as i get … Continue reading

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Let your hands do the talking: representation and abstraction

Following on from yesterday’s post, i’m on holiday this week and spending some time teaching my niece to draw. I’ve been wrestling with the notion of how to move her (at the age of ten) from direct representation to more … Continue reading

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Nine skills in a Curriculum for Social #Leadership

The ideas around Social Leadership are gaining momentum and, as i’m gathering more feedback from different organisations, I’m starting to design a curriculum around my ideas. This is a first draft of the first part, so very much work in … Continue reading

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8 behaviours of Social Leadership

I started exploring the traits of the Social Leader yesterday and wanted to follow up with some further thoughts today. The Social Leader can navigate formal and informal spaces with ease, equally at home engaging online as in person. The … Continue reading

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Organisational Development and Competencies: the long and the short term view

Yesterday i met near London with one of my learning communities, one with a focus on organisational development and competencies. It was a rare chance to come together with a dozen great people to share ideas, experience and stories. The … Continue reading

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Learn to fly: big planes and small skills

My usual approach to new technology is to dive in and give it a go: after all, how wrong can you go? I’ve only ever once sat in the cockpit of a jet, but i’d have to say that i’m … Continue reading

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Running away to the circus. Why it could take a long time to learn the skills and aesthetics.

Patience is a virtue, but sometimes in short supply. It seems to take an age to learn to be good at something new. Sure, you can get the basics pretty quickly, but to be really good takes time. You need … Continue reading

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The development of skills over time. How we learn to fit within conventions, whilst learning to break out of them.

I’ve spent time over the last week with the oil paints, down in Cornwall, painting boats. It’s been a learning experience. I know how to paint watercolour, but never before with oils, so there’s a lot to learn. The whole … Continue reading

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Made for the job. Learning that literally requires you to grow into a role and learning to leave it all behind.

Last night i went to see the Moscow Ballet. Pretty incredible stuff and very inspirational, but not so inspirational that i thought about taking it up myself. I know that, no matter how inspired i was, there’s no way i’m … Continue reading

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How to knit socks. Practical skills and learning in the Information Economy

Someone’s knitted me a pair of socks. By hand, from an actual sheep. Now, i can do a lot of things, some of them half way competently, but i’d have to say that i have no idea how to knit … Continue reading

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