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Informal technology: social learning

Those who know me well are familiar with my tendency to anthropomorphise technology, to assign it with traits and personality: my car has a name and distinctly mischievous identity. Some technology is ‘friendly‘, whilst other is far more formal. Even … Continue reading

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Do your stories face inwards or out? Thinking about our messages in learning design

There’s a problem with organisational learning: sometimes it faces inwards when it should face out. ‘Facing in‘ is when we tell stories that have meaning just to us. ‘Facing out‘ is when we tell stories that have meaning to others. … Continue reading

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Disposable media: investing 28 minutes in a video podcast for learning

Richard is starting a blog. Yesterday he asked me a load of questions about WordPress versus Blogger. I had precisely no answers, beyond the fact that i love WordPress. He spent the afternoon doing methodical research: i used WordPress because … Continue reading

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Busking it: how the desire to communicate transcends language

Royal Festival Hall is a prestigious venue on the South Bank of the Thames in London, noted for it’s innovative programme of dance and music and frequented by people like me for it’s free WiFi and comfortable sofas. Normally it’s … Continue reading

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Communication: harder than you might think

It would be nice to think that ‘message sent’ is always ‘message received’, but it is, of course, not the case. Our ability to miscommunicate is only matched by our certainty that our communication skills are superb. Finding our what’s … Continue reading

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Unopened mail: getting your learning communications right

As i sit here, the pile of unopened mail in front of me on my desk must be eight inches high. We have a shelf by the front door where the mail gathers and i emptied it the other day, … Continue reading

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Research Paper: Communication in online spaces – trust and disclosure.

I asked the question “Assuming you are communicating with someone you know, are you more comfortable disclosing personal information online or in person?” This is part of a wider piece of research that i’m working on looking at how relationships … Continue reading

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Stating the obvious. Why less can be more.

I was talking with an entrepreneur yesterday who has developed and sells a service into Healthcare clients. It’s a rather complex mixture of a software system and consultancy and, if truth be known, i couldn’t tell you exactly what it’s … Continue reading

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What is the Cloud? Exploring what it really means in the context of communication and learning.

Having your head in the clouds used to be a term to describe a dreamer, but i’m pleased to report that it now means ‘integrated social media partner’. I’ve been promoted without ever having to do anything. I wonder if … Continue reading

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How Facebook works to redefine social interactions. Changing the rule of ‘normal’.

We used to interact with a small number of people everyday, and a larger number of people on an irregular basis. Today, i interact with hundreds of people every day through social media channels. My broadcast persona is infinitely bigger … Continue reading

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